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Leading e-Learning platform in Afghanistan
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e-Learning and online education platform for Afghanistan. Afghan girls education platform


Maktab is the first e-learning app in Afghanistan that combines e-learning, social networking, and game theory to create a platform where the learners can learn, interact, and compete.
e-Learning and online education platform for Afghanistan. Afghan girls education platform

Learn, Practice and Quizzes

Different learning options and quizzes including real-time quizzes and challenges.

e-Learning and online education platform for Afghanistan. Afghan girls education platform

Collaboration & Interaction

Connect with your friends and other learners and share your knowledge, ask questions or answer their questions.

e-Learning and online education platform for Afghanistan. Afghan girls education platform

Video Courses

You can subscribe to different courses based on your level of education and interests for free.

e-Learning and online education platform for Afghanistan. Afghan girls education platform


You can choose among many different educational resources and or follow any of the institutions or content creators on Maktab.

About the Project

Maktab, an award-winning e-Learning platform funded in 2018 by a family funding and collaboration in Afghanistan is an online e-learning and collaboration platform in Afghanistan. The initial aim was to help every youth especially girls in Afghanistan and Afghans outside the country to have access to the quality education and resources, and be able to collaborate with their peers by taking real-time quizzes and or different assessments designed for each course and subject. The platform has an awareness module and a sociale interaction functionality that users could share knowledge and be connected with each other and try to promote education importance with a focus on conservative families.

Maktab is a free e-Learning & collaboration platform that helps students in Afghanistan, to learn and have access to quality educational resources from anywhere using a smartphone phone or tablet. It's available for both iOS and Android platforms and we have built it within 2 and a half years of hard work. Maktab has been built by a group of volunteers with the support of Microcis ICT Services Co. LTD. Nine out of 12 of our team members are female who joined as interns, but now they are among the top software developers and content creators and experts in the industry, making money and feeding their families. Unfortunately a few weeks ago one of our lead software engineers who is my brother has been killed for his services, we have received many threats to close and shutdown this initiative, but we didn't and we have started a work for a better Afghanistan and we all believed that without education, it's impossible to build a country and bring peace.

Maktab has nearly 30k users and is growing. 67% of our users are girls and we have lots of interesting success stories to share. We started Maktab with three goals in Afghanistan: 1). to help students have access to quality education and video lectures. 2). help girls belonging to conservative families to have access to education opportunities, as well as enable them to learn and collaborate with others from their homes using their smartphone devices. 3). provide different types of awareness for the students and their families, improving their knowledge about surfing safely online and avoiding different risks associated with the online environment. ‌

Maktab is not only a simple app, we have invested a lot of time to build a complete platform which has below sub-systems and main functionalities:

End user mobile app (Android and iOs)
  • Users can subscribe to any number of courses they prefer for free.
  • ake tests for any of the subjects they would like and do a knowledge assessment.
  • Challenge a friend in a subject in real-time and they can agree to publish the result of the quiz with their friends on the platform.
  • Share knowledge, resources, ask questions and communicate with their friends on the platform.
  • Prepare for Kankor (Public university entrance exam)
  • Learn about different subjects and university fields and understand their requirements, work opportunities and other information.
  • Take tests and publish their results on the platform with their friends.
Dashboard for Teachers, Schools, Universities, Volunteers, and other Expert Content Creators
  • We provide free accounts to educational institutions and other experts that are willing to produce educational courses (video lectures) or other contents (Books, Exams, Information etc.). They can publish their contents under their name and brand and students can subscribe and use those contents for free.
  • It enables a team of our expert reviewers to review and approve or reject any of the contents or courses submitted. All contents on the platform would be carefully reviewed by our team before being publicly published on the platform for students to use.
  • Content creators can create exams and tests for each course or each topic so that, when a student finishes it, he/she could be able to test their knowledge and understanding.
  • Students can ask questions about any of the topics through the app and teachers can answer them.
  • A university or school is able to create and publish contents closed for a specific group of students which is only visible and accessible them (for example their paid students).

To learn more about the product, team or need more information, please send an email to or


Learn the subjects of your choice in your mother tongue for free.


Share knowledge with your friends. Ask questions or help others by answering their questions.


Engage in a friendly competition by inviting your frineds to take Konkor tests with you.



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